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Whitney at front desk

New Patients at
Nobleton Chiropractic and Rehab

Welcome to Nobleton Chiropractic and Rehab! Whitney Curran, our friendly office staff member, will greet you when you arrive. We’re confident you’ll find our new patient process positive and seamless.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing because we’ll have you do various movement assessments.

Before your initial appointment, you will need to complete your intake forms. We use the Jane App and will send the forms to you so you can fill them out ahead of time. If you have any imaging that you’d like your doctor to look at, you can bring that in, but it’s not required. Dr. Kirstie likes to make her diagnosis before considering imaging. Most of the time, imaging is an adjunct to what she found.

The First Visit


We’ll ask if you sustained any injuries growing up or anything else that your doctor may contribute to what’s happening. Any stressors you have, habits of your daily life, and activities you engage in will be considered.

Exam & Discussion of Care Options

We’ll get you moving so we can identify what the problem is and where you have pain. Then you and the doctor will sit down, chat about what she found, and discuss your treatment options.

Your doctor will let you know if she thinks acupuncture or chiropractic is a good fit for your particular condition. If we think we need to be a little more conservative and just do some mobilizing and not adjust, that’s what we’ll do. We always want every patient to feel comfortable with the care they’re receiving.

We’ll also have you complete a consent form.

First Treatment

In addition to providing some form of care, we also try to give everybody one or two exercises or stretches. This “homework” will give you the ability to work on yourself between appointments.

Please allow one hour for this first appointment.
Talking with patient

The Second Visit

Please allow 30 minutes for this second visit, as Dr. Kirstie likes to do acupuncture with most of her patients. We’ll touch base with you and ask questions like:

  • How are you feeling?
  • How are the exercises going that we gave you?
  • What’s been easier for you to do?

“I like to focus less on the pain and more on finding out if a patient can sleep better or easily put their socks on,” said Dr. Kirstie. She uses more functional assessment tools versus asking a patient where their pain level is on a scale of 1 to 10.

Second Treatment

You’ll then get adjusted or receive an individualized treatment; it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. Your doctor will answer any questions you may have and provide recommendations. For example, if you wake up in back pain, we can recommend you change your sleep position or try a particular type of pillow.

We may also talk about whether there are supplements that you could benefit from taking.

Will I Have to Go Forever?

If you’ve been to other practices where you were encouraged to sign up for extended care plans, that’s not our approach.

“Ideally, I would work with a patient for six weeks or so to make sure they’re in a better position and send them off and then they can return as needed,” said Dr. Kirstie.

We also have patients who come in for maintenance care as they understand the value of keeping their nervous system healthy.

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New Patients at Nobleton Chiropractic and Rehab